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National Broadband Network

Improve Productivity with Commercial National Broadband Network Connectivity

Slow internet speeds have been hindering Australian businesses for many years. Slow speeds have hampered the way businesses connect with customers and have reduced productivity. To solve this problem, the Australian government is rolling out the National Broadband Network. The National Broadband Network will lay the foundation for more connectivity and efficiency in a business internet environment. 


Faster speeds equals better productivity. With a maximum download speed of up to 100Mbps, employees will be able to complete tasks faster, making them more efficient and productive. Plus, with a commercial national broadband network, businesses can now establish and foster national and global connections. Businesses heavily rely on VoIP (voice over IP) for communication via internet calls, teleconferencing, etc. With the commercial national broadband network, businesses can say goodbye to buffering and disconnections, which are not ideal when communicating with clients. 

With faster speeds, businesses in remote areas can now build an online presence. With reliable, quick, and more functional internet, businesses can now establish high-performing websites, engage in social media and work on other marketing material that requires faster internet speeds and high bandwidth support.  


Are you ready to connect to the National Broadband Network? If so, contact RJF Installations. Since 2000, They have been recognized as a top Telecommunications Contractor in QLD. They provide my clients with a wide range of services for all of your Data, phone and TV needs.

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